DJ Swindali

DJ Swindali International DJ and Producer

Number 27 Asia EDM DJ
Top 100 Beatport Producer
N1 DJ on Mixcloud
Bestselling Author

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DJ Swindali (UK) has fast established himself as one of the hottest names on the touring circuit.

Holding residencies at world famous nightclubs including two of the top clubs in Bangkok, Route 66 and Insanity to now at the World famous Club Cubic Macau.

Major labels have taken notice of his music. Live Nation recently signed his collaboration with Ozmo on the hit song “Still Here”, and “Overdose” with the famous singer Donyale Rene. Multiple times he has hit the Beatport Top 100 charts and was rewarded three top ten’s plus a number one mix on Mixcloud.

Demand for DJ Swindali has seen him headline multiple music festivals and several noteworthy appearances throughout the rest of the world. Including Shanghai, Malaysia, Taipei, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Oman, Myanmar, Japan, Vietnam and more to come.

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Swindali X Joe Long

Swindali X Joe Long Electronice Performance Artists
Live videos

Residents in Bangkok at the top three nightclubs, (Levels, Route 66 and Insanity), touring artists and Beatport Top 100 Producer.
Swindali X Joe Long are a new wave of international music currently taking the planet by storm. Experienced in open format deejaying and crowd hyping they rock packed dance floors every week at residencies and events. Supplying and feeding
off the crowds energy the play an open format mix of EDM, hip hop, trap, twerk and commercial music plus personal edits and remixes.
A big part of their success is their interaction with the crowd and an electrifying live combination of DJing and MCing. Internationally experienced at many high profile events, from fashion shows to supporting tours and more. Supported artists including, Fashion TV, Vinai, Stadium X, Vinai, Maddix, Rave Radio, Syzz, Thaitanium and more.
Their relentless drive to continually provide greater and more exciting shows, music, and energy, is likely to see them ascend even higher in the electronic music scene and they’re only just getting started. Featured on Beatport, BBC Radio 1,
Exiled Asia, Siam2nite and more.